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PROUDLY PRESENTING Joseph Tsiyoni's Books:
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Joseph Tsiyoni, an executive internal auditor, inventor and author, authored 16 professional books in numerous areas, including seven computer reference books. The three books presented here are the best, and the most useful for millions.

AsthmaGone: How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared in 6 Month    PDF FILE AG

Easy English For All - Basic Through Advanced   PDF FILE - EASY ENGLISH


A. Easy English For All-Basic Through Advanced
  This is probably the world's best self-study and reference English grammar book. It
  covers the most commonly used parts of  the English language. It is excellent for   teachers and for students from 6th grade to and include college students. It was also
  found to be excellent for students in various English programs such as ESL, ELL,
  ABE, EFL, ELT and GED. See extended info far below.

B. AsthmaGone: How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In 6 Months
   The book provides Dr. Koder's natural grain process which eliminated all symptoms of    asthma, bronchitis and irritative cough in 6 months for hundreds or thousands
   people. People spent only $45 (now 95) for the 6 months period. 100% success. See all details below.

C. Beat 'Em All Casino Winner
   The book presents a new concept in gambling. The method was developed over many
    years and extensive research and studies by  the author, who is also a professional
    auditor, writer, analyst, inventor and products researcher, to name some. You should
    not visit a casino  without reading this book. The book also presents Pick 'Em All®, a
    random number selector. See below "D"

D. Pick 'Em All® random number selector (CALL FOR A DEAL AND INVENTORY SALE)
    World's best, and only of a kind (no batteries) hand-held selector for all games of
    chance in the world. That includes all lottos, lotteries, roulette, keno, horse and dog
     racing, pick 3, pick 4, all fantasy games, all giant-mega lotteries, etc.

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TEMPE, ARIZONA......Shairon Publishing announces the release of what it considers the world's best self-study and reference English grammar book, the book of the future and a "school at home". The Easy English For All - Basic Through Advanced covers the most commonly used parts of the English language, written in a special format developed by the author. The book is excellent for teachers and for students from 6th grade to and includes college students. It is also good for students in various English programs such as ESL, ELL, ABE, EFL, ELT and GED.

The book can also be used as a grammar referral book at home and in the office. According to Tsiyoni, "The good thing about the book is that it is good for almost every purpose, for all ages and for all levels from seventh grade through college level."

Tsiyoni’s six uniquely designed summary tables were created to summarize all tenses, and are easy to read and follow. In addition, the book l

STRUCTURE: Two parts and 47 chapters, starting from the basics, and 207 consecutively numbered major sections. The special format enables the reader to easily follow the book with quick and easy access to references. Some grammar rules are repeated multiple times for the user's convenience.


a. 256 pages, perfect bound, written in a new format.
b. 207 consecutively numbered sections.
c. Repeated sections, avoiding referral to other parts of the book.
d. A book for daily use, easy to follow, good for beginners through college.
e. Easy to find answers for grammatical questions.
f. 6 unique tables that summarize all tenses, easy to read and follow.
g. 800 of the most important, most commonly used words, phrases & irregular verbs.

a. A special and unique format developed by the author.
b. Logical order of the two parts and 47 chapters.
c. Special chapters that lead to a better understanding of the tenses.
d. Clear rules, easy to read, and easy to follow.
e. Easy referral methods, including additional references by each subject in the index.
f. Easy to find subjects because of the following formats:
***1. Broad contents*** Short alphabetical contents*** Quick grammar reference
***2. Broad index, referring to sections and pages***A unique and well-printed index, which eliminates repeated references, and makes  finding answers easy.
       Some answers are given in the index itself (by one or two words), which eliminates the
.................................................need to keep searching.
***3."Useful words" in Chapter II are written in alphabetical order, with repeated sections for .....groups of words (e.g., "ability - capability") for    easy access.
***4. Repeated rules and definitions, eliminating repeated referrals.

4. EXAMPLES OF WHY THE BOOK IS UNIQUEA. "ADVERBS": Example: The word "nice": User's search options:
****1. INDEX: the answer is right there. It takes seconds.
****2. Short Contents", page iv: An example shows what it is, and refers to P' 114.
****3. Page 114, Chapter 33: The rules are clear, precise, and easy to read.

B. "ING": (See â€úINGâ€Ě rules, sec. 65, page 117. You can find referral in four different places:
****1. The short contents, page iv, and the Quick reference, Page 5. Page iv: "Contents", Page vii, which refers to
--------chapter 34, page 117.
****2. Index, page 238 â€úINGâ€Ě rules. It refers to section 65, page 117. Section 65 covers all "ing" rules -easy to follow- in a very unique way          and in a logical order.

****3. The "ing" rules appear seven more times in the book, in smaller print. That is to avoid repeatedly referring the users to Section. 65,          and to enable concentration on the context of the specific chapter.

C. "PLURALS": For some words such as "company", "die", "far", "less", "lucky", stop" and "wife", you may refer to "PLURALS", Section 66,  Page 119, or just look at the index; the answer is right there.

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image casino frontphoto casino-full pick full Pick hand


A new concept in gambling is presented in this book by Joseph Tsiyoni, author of several professional books, professional auditor and analyst and an inventor. He draws on 20 years of casino experience in developing this new approach and new concept in gambling.
In Mr. Tsiyoni's professional opinion, the book, which is written in a new format, is one of the best gambling books available, if not the best one. It consists of easy to follow instructions, which show experienced or first time gamblers a new way to make their trip to the casino enjoyable. The new concept is based on playing only some games for pleasure, and playing one specific game to win.
The instructions tell when to play, how to play, where to play, and how much money to bet, etc. Tsiyoni's step by step guide to gambling proves there is a better way to win, a better way to play, a better way to have fun.

The new format, consisting of 133 numbered sections, makes the referral from one section to another easy. It enables experienced gamblers to skip sections containing information they may already know.

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3rd Book: AsthmaGone?
How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In 6 Month



3. DR. KODER™S AsthmaCare„ó PROCESS
8. FAQ'S


A CURE FOR ASTHMA & BRONCHITIS MAY HAS BEEN FOUND: Dr. Koderâ™s process TEMPE, ARIZONA........... Nothing is more convincing that a simple cooking process that cured people from asthma and bronchitis than the attached testimonials. These
people, and hundreds of others, used Dr. Julien Koder™s 6-months natural grain cooking process, whereby all asthma-bronchitis symptoms disappeared. The process is well described in Joseph Tsiyoni book "AsthmaGone?™ How Asthma Symptoms Disappeared In Six Months".
Mr. Tsiyoni claims that this is the only known process which helps people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, coryza and irritative Cough. All existing medications can only relieve attacks and pain until the next episode. Nothing prevents attacks, hospitalization; nothing is as helpful but Dr. Koder’s proven process. Millions, including celebrities such as actors, actresses and singers, have been missing a great opportunity to enjoy this natural process, instead of taking many medications and suffer. Spending $45 could have changed their lives forever.

â€úAsthmaGoneâ€Ě reveals Dr. J. Koder's 6-month natural grain cooking process, which eliminated all asthma and bronchitis symptoms of undreds of people each in 6 months, using only $45 (now 95) worth of a natural grain. The process described in Tsiyoni’s book, along with information on omega oils (in the grain) is simple, and easy to use. Note that Omega Oils have been the main element in a massive world-wide research for a cure for asthma. (Dr. Taussig™s letter.)

Author Joseph Tsiyoni says that he had helped many people, and that he can "prove it with medical records and testimonials." He says it is worth it to spend $45 on a natural grain, rich in omega oils, just to have a life-time chance, as many people did. He added "Considering doctors visits, hospitals and medication costs, can an asthmatic person afford not to try it?" Following are quotes from letters of extremely satisfied users of the amazing process.

*****Amenda Stanwood: I have had great success¦I was using (2) inhalers (4) times daily. The [my] Dr. was putting me on Advair “ I quite by chance fell upon your book¦.I thank god I was led to your process¦ I thank u for this wonderful process¦ My Life is much Better-I can Breathe Thank you!Ě .

*****Clint Collins: "...after just two months of eating the natural grain, I had significant reduction...and after another few months, I did not need any medication ... I can honestly say: my asthma has gone.

*****James Matt: "Dear Joseph: wonderful "Dr. Koder's Asthma Process" is, and how the grain worked wonders for my 6-year old son, son's asthma in six months seems to be totally gone. ... Now he takes nothing..THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

*****Mrs. Dahan: "...the cooking process....created miracles for our son, who has recovered from his severe illness...Six months ago we were hopeless...Today...our son does not need any inhalations... or treatment...He does not cough, and feels wonderful....We are grateful to you  ... the process (of) Dr. Julien Koder is a perfect success."

Mr. Tsiyoni credits the success to the high amount of omega oils and the cooking process itself, which he believes should be the official cure for asthma and bronchitis.

RETAIL: $14.50 + S&H. Arizonans add tax.

A. OMEGA FATTY ACIDS:THE SUCCESS OF Dr. Koder's "AsthmaCare Cooking Process?":
I believe that, based on the large amount of Omega Oil Fatty Acids (3, 6, & 9) in the grain, and the cooking process developed by Dr. Koder, the process helped many people. There are three types of Omega Oils involved in Dr. Koder's process:

1. OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID (Linolenic): Found in fish, soybean, Canola Oil, and, of course, in a high quantity in the grain used for Dr. J.      Koder's process.

2. OMEGA 6 FATTY ACID (Linoleic): Found in corn, soybean, safflower oil, and, of course, in the grain related to the "AsthmaCare Cooking     Process? ".

3. OMEGA-9 FATTY ACID: Found mostly in the grain used for the process.


1. AZ Republic/AP Grant Peck, 1198, from Global Lung Conference, Bangkok:
"...evidence suggest that intake of omega-3...may be beneficial in keeping the disease away", and "Omega-3 has also been linked to healthy cardiovascular and immune system and the development and function of the brain and eyes".

2. AZ Republic, 11/2001: "medical advice by Joe & Teresa Graedon": Confirmed that researches found that Omega-3 fatty acids found in  the grain "have anti-inflammatory action, which might be helpful against asthma. Studies in Japan& Australia suggest that children prone  to asthma might benefit from Omega

3. CNN, 2/96 reported that Omega Oil found in fish reduces asthma attacks.

4. AZ Republic/AP 9/97: the Indian Goud family has been treating asthmatic people using a 152-year-old secret formula of fish and herbs. (Assumed same grain.)

5. Dr. Julian Whitaker, the publisher of Health & Healing:
**a. 2/02: "A 2001 Duke University study showed that flax grain may actually slow tumor development in men with prostate cancer."
**b. 8/01: "GB of Texas had just read my approach for lowering cholesterol with fresh
     ground flaxseed...after just 20 days his cholesterol level had dropped 20 points, and within one month it was 166 - a 111-point  improvement."

6. On 2/4/1996, UPI reported that Omega Oil reduces asthma attacks in children.

7. Nobel Prize for Medicine was given to Dr. J. R. Vane in 1982 for his work proving how the metabolism of Omega-3 Oil helped prevent     heart problems.

8. Dr. Britton J., University of Nottingham, Respiratory Medicine City Hospital, UK, 1995: "Dietary Fish Oil and Airways Obstruction"

9. Dept. of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa College of Medicine, 1995: "Omega-3 Oil Fatty Acids..[plays a big
rule ] in Human   Respiratory Diseases".

10. Dr. Knapp HR, University of Iowa College of Medicine, 1994:"Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Respiratory Diseases" support the use of  Omega-3 Oil.

11. Multiple authors and Sakai K., Nagoya City University, 1994:"Fatty Acid......Asthma Patients". They support Omega-3 claims.


1. Omega Oil Fatty Acid is a major factor in asthma treatment. It is assumed that after the "AsthmaCare Cooking Process" gets recognition, researchers will find the scientific reason for its contribution and its effectiveness.

2. The medical community and the media ignore ideas not provided by known medical institutions and without PPRR (Published Peer  Reviewed Research). However, the facts here prove hundreds, if not thousands people were cured from the asthma and bronchitis.  Thus, despite AsthmaGone company not being a recognized medical institution, this process should be immediately recognized and    applied world-wide. Curing asthma for $45 is a medical miracle if it worked.

3. The author indicates that anyone who wishes to use the process must read the book "AsthmaGone? How Asthma Symptoms    Disappeared In Six Months, and follow the instructions completely. Using the process without reading the book and   following the instruction and the warning may be dangerous.
END OF SCIENTIFIC SECTION 2. AsthmaGone: Continue to part 3.


It is not clear whether the one-year free of symptoms constitutes CURE for the asthma and bronchitis. However, the author of this book prefers not to deal with this question. It is easier and safer to state.

***To date, there is no known cure for asthma or bronchitis.
Yet, many people no longer suffer from asthma or bronchitis because the symptoms of these diseases DISAPPEARED after six months using Dr. Julien Koder's AsthmaCare Cooking Process? of a pure natural grain. The fact is that many people no longer suffer, and many testimonials, some of which have been published with the signature of the writers, are PROOF that this process helped them rid all symptoms.
This is a remarkable story of how, using the natural grain, all asthma and bronchitis symptoms of so many people disappeared in six months. Why?

Dr. Julien D. Koder developed a process to treat his patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis coryza and irritative cough. See many testimonials in the TESTIMONIAL page. Please note that, due the governmental restrictions and rules, we avoid making any future statement. It is safer, accurate, and true to state all future PAST™, even if the ėpast is until this morning. No one can dispute the facts of the past.

Thus, in light of the suffering, and monetary expenses, and the extreme side affects of the drugs doctors prescribe, and because the entire process takes up to six months, and the grain costs under $45 (now 95) , the question you should ask your self is:

***Can Dr. Koder's AsthmaCare Process help you too? Should you start it immediately?
Due to the tremendous results over the years, some which are reflected from the TESTIMONIAL of real people who have been helped, and who are thankful to Dr. Koder's process, and because the process is so simple and proven to be excellent, I believe that you will make the right decisions.


How can I interest you in spearheading the awareness of a simple, inexpensive, all-natural process that can help 30 million people? A proven process that has helped hundreds, as testimonials show, rid themselves of the asthma symptoms.

When Dr. Julien Koder asked me to put the process in writing, I knew nothing about asthma. I had to do my own studies, research, and analysis of Dr. Koder's records, which he graciously made available for me. I have documented Dr. Koder's process in this book to help people, as it was his lifetime mission, which he asked me to continue, based on successful experiences of many people who were treated by Dr. Koder, and many who followed the book.
Based on the success and the many testimonials, I found obligated, and am eager to share this with others. Still, how can I enlist your support in helping me to help others by acknowledging the existence of Dr. Koder's treatment?

I can only state the facts, show the testimonials, and provide as many data as possible to convince everyone that THERE IS HOPE; That many people have been helped; That the expense of under $45 (now 95) for the grain needed for the entire process is nothing compare to the extremely expense medications, and the loss of income because of hospitalization.

****Can you afford to ignore the pain, or for an amount equal to one-fourth of an inhaler you have a chance to test this process yourself? Can you afford the side affect of many drugs you are forced to take?

*****We cannot make any medical claims; but can make statements based on past experience, and results. Indeed, the records show that hundreds of people who severely suffered from asthma, bronchitis, coryza and irritative cough are now free of any symptoms.

AS one last wrote to us:Now I can breathe. Being aware of the severe health condition, the success of this process, and based on so many testimonials, can you afford to ignore a $45 (now 95) expense on the entire quantity of grain needed for the process? And how about the terrible side affect from all the medications you have to take? You are the one who decide if you wish to read the
book and to follow the process.

The example of 'thank you' letters, along with many telephone calls, represent the historical facts of success of using a natural grain in the process called "AsthmaCare Cooking Process". When you read the â€úscientific Data, you will see that in fact there are many other benefits.

Example: American Heart Association statement (Pub. # 50-1524):
"Understanding and Controlling Cholesterol"(quote permitted):"Both Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats may help lower your LDL cholesterol level when you use them in place of saturated fats in your diet. But it is best to eat only moderate amounts of all types if fat. Recent studies show that foods rich in Omega-3 Polyunsaturated fats offer many benefits. They may help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, sudden death, abnormal heart rhythms, high triglycerides, blood clotting, and some inflammatory and autoimmune disease."

In summary of this part, the question is whether you can judge the credibility of the process by the information provided here, or you want to continue visiting doctors and ignore this opportunity? Remember it™s only entails using PURE NATURAL GRAIN, so nothing can go wrong.

RETAIL: $14.50 + S&H. Arizonans add tax.

Please Tab email OR CALL 480-949-0894



Dear Joseph: Having known you for more than 22 years, I would like to confirm that I permit you to use my husband's name in regards to the asthma treatment he developed in the 1940's. Having been taught the asthma technique by Dr. Koder personally, and having used it for close family members, I am glad that you intend to help many people with their asthma and various respiratory and coughing problems. That was my husband's goal and it is good to know it will be continued.

After my husband passed away I found a few of the many letters of appreciation from patients, and I am sending them to you. These are only some out of many patients who were treated by him with the asthma technique. I appreciate the dedication to Dr. Koder, and wish you the best. Sincerely, Mrs. Julien D. Koder."

***1. Amanda Stanwood PO Box 1267, Claypool-AZ 85532

Dear Joseph T.: Sorry I am so late in responding to your follow-up letter. The â€úNatural Grainâ€Ě was purchased for myself and your book. I have had great success. I was using 2 inhalers 4 times daily-After your book & use of â€úNatural Grain in 2 months I was only using Inhalers once a day if that “ Albuteral& Atroven “ In 3 months using Inhalers only occasionally I did not use it-(Natural grain) cooked, only ground in water 3 large table spoons daily- I now use 1 large TBsp daily & I am doing great!

We had a very dry hot summer 05-heat & stress will trigger an asthma attack for me “ I only used inhalers very seldom-There are weeks I never even think about it or have symptoms-At the time before finding your book-The Dr was putting me on Advair “ I did not want that & was on that medication for a few months when I quite by chance fell upon your book-advertisement over a year old in an Arizona Book.

I thank God I was led to your process I took myself off of Advair slowly& Here I am. I was very receptive to Natural Grainâ Because I have worked in Herbs/Vitamins for years and I am Believer for 20 yrs prior so this was a cake walk for me-Because of the wonderful omega oils I sprinkle a TBSP full on my Husband’s oatmeal or dry cereal daily-I thank u for this wonderful process & Book Believer in every Way-My Life is much Better-I can Breathe Thank you !! Amanda Stanwood.

*****Clinton Collins
950 E. Southern Ave. #120, Mesa AZ 85204
Re: Dr. Julien Koder's AsthmaCare Process: The 'AsthmaGone™: Dear Mr. Tsiyoni:
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to read your book, and the successful use of Dr. Koder's natural food cooking process. I have suffered from asthma for many years, taking various medications, and with daily use of anti-asthma inhalers. The book is simple and has easy-to-follow instructions. I used the process as instructed. After just two months of eating the natural grain, I had significant reduction of the use of my preventive inhalers. And after another few months, I did not need any medication, and barely use a hand inhaler. I can onestly say that my asthma has gone.
I found this asthma process extremely helpful, and have recommended it to other people. The book offers many easy ways to use the grain, and I selected the easiest way for me to use it. I sprinkle it over food, and add it to juice that I drink. It is very simple and takes a very short time to take it each day. I am grateful for Dr. Kodeer's process, and would like to thank you for make it available. I also and let you know that I appreciate for getting my health back. Thank you very much. Clinton Collins.

*****James Maat, (Address removed upon request)
Dear Joseph:__Just wanted to write a testimonial stating how wonderful "Dr. Koder's Asthma Process" is, and how the grain worked wonders for my 6-year-old son, Michael. After reading your "Asthma Gone" book and following the directions on how to take the grain, my son's sthma in six months seems to be totally GONE. Before taking the grain--being that my son had asthma--every time my son would catch a cold it would settle in his chest. He would have to be on the nebulizer (albuterol) and or steroids for weeks at a time. And then for preventive maintenance he would have to be on pulmicort. Now he takes nothing but the grain. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. So far he has taken no more prescription medications.

I would be remiss if I also didn't give credit to a homeopathic doctor (kiniesoligist) who recommended my son get off all gluten and milk products of allergies. So I am sure the combination of everything made a difference. Sincerely,.. James Maat.

*****Mr. & Mrs. A. Dahan, 4315 Shai Agnon St., Bat-Yam, IS 63001
Dear Joseph: We can't find enough words to thank you for the opportunity of using your book regarding the cooking process of the natural grain for the asthma disease, which created miracles for our son, who has recovered from his severe illness, which he had been suffering from since birth. After we read the book, we were extremely surprised to find out how simple it is. Six months ago we were hopeless. Then, we started the process of six months as the book indicates. We felt significant changes in the child's condition in the first month. The cough stopped gradually, and the medications which he was taking were gradually reduced. Today, after six months, our son does not need any inhalations or Betnizol treatment. He does not cough, and feels wonderful.

We are grateful to you for succeeding with such a simple method of writing this book of cooking the natural food to bring it to our attention, and thus heal our son. Without doubt, the process developed by Dr. Julien Koder is a perfect success. We hope you will continue to help more people who suffer from the asthma disease, and to bring to their attention that there is a solution to the disease.
We thank you from our heart. Sincerely yours. Ayelet and Avi our

*****Mr. M. RICHMAN, "Dr. Katlanski from Chadera diagnosed allergy and sensitiveness in the symptoms and since I received anti-histamine, antibiotic, various syrups... despite everything, the cough remains. Lately (during the last six months) Dr. Koder gave me the grain in the quantity of two full spoons every day. There was a surprising changes in the condition that lasts more than 30 years. Immediately within a few days the night cough stopped, and thereafter improved until all the above mentioned symptoms have disappeared in day and night." Mr. M. Richman.

*****Mrs. A. YANAI, "As a child I suffered from frequent sore throat......upon my return to work as a nurse, Dr. Koder, seeing me coughing and choking, administered the treatment of Grain to me. Thank to this remedy which I received from Dr. Koder - all these symptoms ended....and within three days... ..the nasal drip and cough stopped completely...I gained back my weight and feeling very well."

*****Mr. A. ISAAC: "Dear Dr. Koder, I want to thank you for the devoted treatment you gave me. I suffered for four years from chronic Nasal Drip...Finally, Dr. Koder you gave me the remedy of the grain, which helped me very much and since that day I have been feeling much better." Mr. A. Issac

*****Mrs. B. VERTHIEM, "I am a very ill woman. Lately suffered from bad flue associated with irritative continuing cough...after no medications helped, I received the grain which dr. Koder told me to use and within two days - the night cough disappeared miraculously. Within two weeks it disappeared at all."

*****Mrs. S. SHAPIRO
, "At the age of two, he ["my son, 6"] began to suffer from frequent attacks of asthma, with endlessly recurring bouts of bronchitis....not a week passed that this child did not see a doctor...I have been giving my son this daily does, two tablespoons......since then...this..child, very literary was bed-ridden...has recovered..has gain some weight and is a happy alert child..he recovers very quickly... I have begun giving the grain to my older son, 16, who also suffers from asthma...The grain helped him stop his cough and his nasal drip.
I gave some grain..for a relative who also suffers from asthma. The relative has stopped coughing, and her condition was greatly relieved." Mrs. S. Shapiro

*****Ms. D. CHRISTINE: "Subject: Feeling better: Joseph-I want you to know that my asthma has been considerable less of as problem even though I am now surrounded by cats and cigarette smoke and had trouble with it in the past. While I did not follow through with the full program, I intend to at some point as I have proof that it is worth it. If you wish I will add a client comment to your site stating that it worked for me. D. Christine"


The book reveals how a simple, all-natural food process eliminated symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and irritative cough of hundreds of people in six (6) months, using grain worth only $45. The natural grain cooking process, developed by Dr. J. Koder eliminated in less than six (6) months- all symptoms of hundreds of people who suffered asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, persistent coryza and irritative cough.

The book also provides important information on the omega oil fatty acids, which have been subject to massive worldwide research in an endless effort to find a cure for asthma. The book includes detailed instructions for the process, alternative easy methods of use, and numerous testimonials from people who used the process. These people and others suffered for many years, until they successfully used this process with the natural grain. One chapter is devoted to asthma and children.

Mr. Joseph Tsiyoni, the author, indicates that the book does not provide medical treatment, but a natural food process. However, he added, "I can prove it worked for hundreds people, and even currently people are using the processâ€Ě. He raises the question as to whether it is worth $45 to use a process that may eliminate the asthma and bronchitis symptoms; and "Considering how doctors, hospitals and medications cost, can an asthmatic person afford not to try it?"

Scientists have already discovered the importance of omega oil fatty acids to reduce asthma attacks, as it was published internationally. Seen IENTIFIC DATA below. Also, prestigious asthma organizations recognize the importance of omega oil fatty acids in asthma research and treatment.

Therefore. Mr. Tsiyoni, who is a professional analyst, auditor, technical researcher and inventor, and also the author of fourteen books, now feels a responsibility and obligation to make Dr. Koder™s natural cooking process available to the public. The increase number of people who have been helped makes such obligation even more, as all those people had no other hope. So far, hundreds of people have been cured from asthma, bronchitis, coryza and irritative cough.


NOTE: According to the U.S. CDC:

*****b. 20 Millions suffer from Asthma. We believe at least 20 millions more suffer from bronchitis, irritative cough and related lung problems.
***c. 500,000 hospitalization every year.
***d. 5,000 mortalities.
***e. $12.7 Billion dollars damage to economy every year. (Update 2012: Tghe amount may be 15 Billion dollars)

Answer: There is no need for any government approval. Since the "food" is a natural grain and a dietary supplement, it does not fall under any medical or food approvals. It has been on the market for generations. Recall that we do not make any claim. We only state the facts of good experience of people who were treated by Dr. Julien Koder. and those who received the information from AsthmGone company.

Answer: **a. You may be aware of the attitude of physicians toward natural food. **b. Presented as a dietary supplement, it has to gain credibility, based on experience. That is being done, slowly, and it takes time, efforts and money. **c. The medical world does not pay attention to any discovery that was not published in prestigious medical magazines, know as medical reviews. Such publication may be only after long and expensive research. The question is: Shall people wait many years until someone will invest millions, or shall people try to
give themselves a chance that cost only $45 dollars?

Answer: No, and it cannot be claimed as such. This is a natural food process, absolutely not a medical treatment. Thus, NO MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE MADE. By publishing Dr. Koder's process, I just put in writing what I exactly did, according to Dr. Koder's instructions. I can't and am not allowed to make any medical claims, nor do I wish to do so. In fact, I took extra measures of caution and published a clear disclaimer about this fact.

Answer: If you read the information provided, you will learn that there are more than 37 types and forms of main elements involved in the grain. Everything is explained in the book. That is basically Omega Oil Fatty Acids. If the official name is released without reading the book, the reader may get the wrong type of the grain, use it without instructions, and thus fail. Also, the book contains various warning that are important for the users to know. For example, you must continue all medications given by a doctor while taking the natural food.

It was just coincident that the author owns the publishing company. Money has been invested in this project like any other project, and it took tremendous efforts to put professional people, doctors, marketing, editors, etc to make it through. In addition, publishing is expensive and there are many costs. It cannot be expected that a company will put together a large project like this one and give it away. This is especially true for a small business. However, we are doing a great public service, and the question is not the money.
According to the U.S. CDC, an asthma user spent the average of $1000 a year on medications and other costs. One hand inhaler costs $15, more the cost of the book. In light of the high costs for medical treatment, the costs for the book and the grain is extremely low.

Answer: The name of the book - We were advised not to deal with the legal issue of any statement about 'cure', as there are different opinions about what constitutes 'cure. The safest way. Although It is assumed that the medical community claims that right now, there
is no known cure for asthma. Although I believe that for at least some diseases, is the symptoms do not repeat in one year. Thus, without making any medical statement, we can state, based on the past experience, that - in past tense - all symptoms have gone. As simple as it is,
and as factual as it could be. Frankly, it does not matter. None of the people who used this process had symptoms came back, and the success is extraordinary.

Answer: See "order form". However, we have occasional sales!
TOTAL COST INCLUDES S&H: $19.50 Arizonan: $20.75 with Tax. Canada: $28.50

Answer: We do not request that you buy the GRAIN. We leave it up to you, after you read the book and are ready to start the process, or to apply it on a family member. ONLY THEN, you may either buy it from us, or get a sample (instructions for that in the book).

TO BUY GRAIN: All you need is 10 Lbs for the entire process. Price as of Nov. 2008:
45$ (price may be changed without notice due to industry and economy.) S&H subject to changes at any time. Please check with us.
Bottom line: You have the best deal of your life.

*****9. Q. HOW DO I ORDER the book AsthmaGone?
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